Small Pantry Organizing and Design Ideas

Recently, we were planning to make over our pantry and I was looking for some ideas. Here are few ideas which I found to be very effective and useful for a pantry design and organization which saves us a lot of time and money.

It is very important to design and organize a pantry in such a way that every item is very clearly visible and accessible so that no item will go unutilized and no waste of money. As long as items are visible and accessible, noting perishes and we can use every item before their expiry date.

In order to achieve this goal of the proper organization, we should design for shelves of different sizes and shapes to meet our goals.

You can plan to use clear containers and jars for clear visibility of items. You can use baskets and bins for proper organization. Another good idea is to group similar items for quick identification and usage.

1. Example of Measurements for Pantry Shelves

Idea Via: in my own style 

This is an example how the pantry racks can be sized. These sizes do vary from the pantry to pantry and you can decide sizes based on your basket, bins, containers etc sizes.


2. One more Example of Measurements for Pantry Shelves



Here is one more example of how the shelves are spaced within the pantry cabinet.


3. Use Labels for Spices 

Idea Via: ashleyannlaz 

Usage of labels is an easy and convenient way to organize your spice and access or use them rightly as and when required. This will help us not to waste any of the spices.


4. Another example of Use Labels for Spices

Idea Via: The Creativity Exchange 

Labels help us to organize and use items properly.


5. Use Wire Baskets for Organization 


Wire baskets are always a convenient way to organize your similar items or even your small items in the pantry.


6. Use Clear Baskets


Clear baskets is another technique to use in the pantry so that the items are clearly visible and you will know when you have to plan to buy them next.


7. Use Baskets to Organize


Here is an example of how baskets can be used for organizing a Pantry.


8. Clear Jars with Labels for Organizing

Idea Via: Shanty 2 Chic 

Usage of clear jars with labels is a super brilliant idea as you have comfort of clearly monitoring each item in the jar and also the label helps you to decide which item needs to go into which jar


9.  Use Jars and Baskets 

Idea Via: My Sweet Savannah 

Using a combination of jars and baskets is a wise idea as you will be able to use transparent jars to track which item is exhausting and baskets will help you to organize your similar items to group them.


10. File Folder to Organize 

Idea Via: Stacy and Charlie 

Usage if file folder to organize the pantry is another wise idea to group similar items.


11. Use Lazy Susan in the Pantry for Easy Organization 

Idea Via: Birgit Daily Bytes 

Adding a Lazy Susan to the pantry is an excellent idea as the same gives the convenience to organize and access your similar items.


12. Another Example of Using Lazy Susan 

Idea Via: HouseBeautiful 

Here is another example of adding a Lazy Susan to the pantry


13. Use Pantry Door to Organize

Idea Via: See Vanessa Craft 

While you organize your pantry, you need to effectively use the entire available space. Here is an example of using the pantry door for organizing small bottles and spices.


14. Another Example of Using Pantry Door to Organize

Idea Via: Home Staging Bloomington Illinois 

This is another example how you can use your pantry door particularly to organize your small items, spices etc.


15. One more Example of Using Pantry Door to Organize

Idea Via: The Stonybrook House 


16. One more Example of Using Pantry Door to Organize



17. One more Example of Using Pantry Door to Organize



18. One more Example of Using Pantry Door to Organize

Idea Via: HGTV 


19. Use adjustable shelves 

Idea Via: HGTV 

Using adjustable shelves is a brilliant idea. You can adjust them based on your varying needs from time to time.

While you have seen few ideas on pantry organization, here are few ideas of cabinet pantries in case you have lesser space to dedicate to your pantry.


20. Cabinet Pantry Idea 1

Idea Via: Four Generations One Roof 

21. Cabinet Pantry Idea 2

Idea Via: BHG 

22. Cabinet Pantry Idea 3

Idea Via: houzz 


23. Cabinet Pantry Idea 4 

Idea Via: a Bowl Full of Lemons 


While you got an idea on smaller pantries, take a look on how to organize a little larger pantry which is also called as a walk-in pantry.


24. Walk-in Pantry 1 

Idea Via: onekindesign 

25. Walk-in Pantry 2 

Idea Via: hometalk 

26. Walk-in Pantry 3 

Idea Via: two twenty one 

27. Walk-in Pantry 4

Idea Via: decorpad

28. Walk-in Pantry 5

Idea Via: houzz 

29. Walk-in Pantry 6


30. Walk-in Pantry 7

Idea Via: desire to inspire 

31. Walk-in Pantry 8


32. Walk-in Pantry 9 

Idea Via: Container Store 

33. Walk-in Pantry 10

Idea Via: Classy Clutter 

34. Walk-in Pantry 11

Idea Via: Kevin and Amanda 

35. Walk-in Pantry 12

Idea Via: 

36. Walk-in Pantry 13


37. Walk-in Pantry 14

Idea Via: the vintage WREN

38. Walk-in Pantry 15

Idea Via: BHG

39. Use BlackBoard to Track Pantry Items

Idea Via: 11magnolialane 

This is an intelligent idea to use a blackboard on the pantry door. You can use it for tracking all of your pantry items and also you can use it for making any important notes.


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