Retaining Wall Ideas

For homes along hills or on sloped places retaining walls are a must. And it is important to keep in mind the long term functioning of the retaining wall and such materials should be used that provide durable support for the years to come. If you are also about to get a retaining wall built then you might want to have professional services of Heavy Equipment RentalsMoreover, you can also get such a wall built that also serves as a decor element so that it can add to the curb appeal of your home. So, let’s see retaining wall ideas to get some inspiration and guidance:

1. A Charming Stacked Stone Wall Built Around a Garden

 Image via: mierop design

This wall not only provides a support for the garden but also serves as a decorative feature. Also, the wall is extended into two posts with wall sconces which make a lot of difference.

2. A Modular Wall That Holds Back a Hill

Image via: of design

This wall is created by modular interlocking cement blocks. Once the wall was built the cement blocks were planted with different kinds of shrubs and succulents to create a wall that is alive.

3. A System of Retaining Walls in a Tiered Design

Image via: houzz

This wall has multi levels and all the levels have garden beds and stairs that connect them all together.

4. A Retaining Wall Built from Colonial Blocks After Excavating The Old One

Image via: lance’s landscaping

This wall is created by removing the old one that was nothing but logs stacked together. The new structure is built with a stone named as rockwood.

5. A Dry-Laid Stone Retaining Wall with a Bench

Image via: gardenista

This wall that divides the garden from a raised area is made with dry-lay technique. Then, it has a bench incorporated in its design too.

6. A Retaining Wall Created from Two Materials Wood and Stone Enclosing a Patio

Image via: m architecture

This wall has a combination of wood and stone. Also, it encloses a patio that seems like a valley among hills.

7. A Wall Built from Concrete Pavers and Sand Filled Metal Containers

Image via: houzz

This wall too has a mixture of two kinds of materials. Firstly, there are concrete pavers forming the wall at one side of the stairs. Secondly, rectangular metal containers filled with sand form a wall at the other side of the steps.

8. A Boulder Retaining Wall That Serves as a Perfect Landscape Feature

Image via: houzz

This wall has large rocks stacked together. Moreover, the plants in between the cracks of the rocks make it look like a work of art.

9. A Retaining Wall with a Mediterranean Touch

Image via: arcadian home

This retaining wall is the center of focus of this home’s outdoor. It has a fountain in Mediterranean style with a tiled backsplash that flows out into a pool.

10. A Curved Retaining Wall Around a Fire Pit That Provides Seating Too

Image via: garden decors

This curved retaining wall provides a border for a fire pit area and also incorporates a long curvy bench as a seating option. The wall ends into two posts that have planters. All in all, this is a landscape feature that is a synonym of perfection.


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