Maximize Bathroom Space with These Hacks

Bathrooms are small spaces with a lot of function. And you can get the most function when you’re creative with what you’ve got. We found the best bathroom hacks that will give you more storage to keep your makeup, toiletries, and linen organized.

1. Towel Rack

Use a decorative wine rack on the wall to hold rolled towels while freeing up space in your cabinets or linen closet. It’s also not a bad idea to keep one slot at the bottom open for its intended purpose. Wine within reach is a bubble bath necessity.

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2. High Shelf

Get creative if you are running out of storage space! The area above the door rarely gets used, but can be a great place to store things you don’t need daily. A shelf out of reach can hold extra toiletries or concealed air fresheners to keep your bathroom smelling clean.

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3. Basket Shelf

Turn an inexpensive basket on its side to create deep shelving storage. The open face allows you to easily see all you have packed in it while the top side works as a regular shelf to hold decorative accessories.See more tips from Listotic

4. Tiered Storage

When you’re running out of countertop space but still need your makeup and nail polish on display, think vertically! Make your own tiered caddy by stacking two plates with a candle holder. It’s an inexpensive and custom fix to a common problem.

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5. Tension Rod

Take advantage of roomy under-the-sink cabinets. Install a tension rod to suspend cleaning supplies while a pull-out drawer below gives easy access to extra toilet paper. You can also use S hooks to hang storage baskets from the rod.

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6. Dual-Purpose Mirror

This two-in-one mirror is great for small spaces. When closed, it’s a full-length mirror perfect for an outfit check. But when open, its shelves hold all your health care and beauty products!

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7. Adhesive Hooks

Any time you’re using hot irons on your hair, you’ll want a safe place to store them while they cool. Keep hair tools organized and out of the way by using adhesive hooks inside your cabinet doors. No more accidental burns!

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8. Shower Organizer

Shoe organizers are great for the closet, but they work even better in the shower! The individual pockets designate a place for everything and the holes near the top easily connect to the shower curtain hooks. Just be sure to get an organizer with mesh pockets for the water to drain.

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9. Magnet Strip

Bobby pins are one of those things that you just can’t seem to keep track of. This hack will help you fix that. Adhere a magnetic strip, which sticks on like tape, to the inside of a cabinet or side of a counter. The bobby pins will stay attached to the strip until you need them next!

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10. Repurposed Plant Holders

Take advantage of every storage opportunity. Snatch up a few wall-mounted plant holders from the clearance section next time you’re out shopping. The unique touch adds decoration and conceals bulky tools, like a blow dryer.

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11. Bathroom Cart

Repurpose a bar cart into a roll-away bathroom storage cart. Replace shakers and glasses with towels and lotions. When you need extra space, just roll the unit into a closet until you need it again!

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