She Put A Long PVC Pipe Up On Her Wall And Grabbed The Spray Paint! The Result? GORGEOUS!

#3 Decorate Your House With PVC

When it comes to interior decorating, the budget is never what you plan it to be. More often than not, we end up overstepping our price range. It’s for the love of interior decorating after all.

But here we are going to show you, that if you are up for it, your creativity could amp up your interior designing. And save loads of money while at it too!Shelley Detton a blogger on 7 Layer Studio stood testament to this.

#2 It Will Change The Look

She used her creativity to help decorate her office and save money on curtain rods. She started with a small budget to redecorate her office. And decided that she just needed curtains that would cover the entire length of the windows and nothing more.

She was wondering if she had to spend extra on the curtain rods to hoist the curtains on. So, that was when she thought of the PVC pipers! Yes! PVC Pipes for curtain rods! Impossible you say? Well read on.

#1 The Final Result

So, she had the PVC ready and handy to go. Shelley bought some 45 degree PVC couplers and very cheap curtain rod rackets. The PVC pipes were cut long enough to cover the walls and couplers to connect the rods.

Later, Shelley spray painted the PVC pipes black. Left them to dry and later hang them up with some sophisticated polka dot curtains. And voila! Instant Fashion Hack Success!! And it’s very deceptive too.No one who looks at them can tell they are just old PVC pipes and not actual curtain rods.

Source: bloggersarena