24 Pictures That Will Make You Wonder Why These Things Aren’t Everywhere Yet

We naturally grow accustomed to the more mundane tasks in everyday life and never really stop to question if there’s an easier way to do them. However, some outside-of-the-box thinkers have idealized clever ways to diminish the most minor of inconveniences that most of us wouldn’t think twice about. It’s these simple solutions from around the world that make you question why they haven’t become universally implemented.

Life’s complicated enough as it is which makes even the most paltry hurdles worth lessening. There may not always be shortcuts in our day to day lives, but any time there’s a more convenient path, we’ll be willing to take it.

Here are 24 incredibly clever improvements to everyday things that should really be commonplace by now.

1. Benches become quite unpractical after a rainy day. Everyone likes to take a break and sit, but most of us aren’t willing to risk a wet bottom to do so. This clever bench design eliminates the problem of wet benches by making them rotatable. A crank on the side of the seat rotates the seating area so you can swap the damp side for one that has been unaffected by the rainfall.


2. It can be difficult to keep yourself alert when on a long drive on a particularly visually barren stretch. While some of us opt for upbeat music or a thought-provoking podcast, our eyes can still grow dreary due to a lack of stimulation. To fight this, a few select roads in Australia have installed trivia billboards to keep those behind the wheel attentive to their surroundings.

Reddit /u/ eppinizer

3. All frequent flyers know that the waiting game comes with the territory. You never know if your flight will be delayed or you’ll be sitting around longer than anticipated. This airport has found a solution to keep their future passengers entertained by installing a machine that prints off free short stories to read during any potential downtime.

Reddit /u/ MisallocatedRacism

4. Coasters help fight the inevitable rings our mugs leave despite careful sipping, but they aren’t always readily available when we need them. This clever mug cuts out the middleman by catching any coffee drips before they actually meet the surface below. The mug incorporates an indentation that collects liquids and saves you from pesky stains.

Pinterest / Scott Thompson

5. Everyone’s familiar with the struggle that comes with a tube of toothpaste towards the end. Most of us end up wasting a solid amount of the paste due to how cumbersome it is to force out the final few dollops. This two-way toothpaste solves that problem by having the option to withdraw from both ends.

Imgur / ThatPickleOverThere

6. Bathroom stalls help provide privacy while we do our business, but everyone has probably at least once managed to make awkward eye contact with someone outside due to the slot between the door and stall. This well-structured stall door gets rid of the common gap to guarantee full concealment.

Reddit /u/ Won_and_dun

7. All milk enthusiasts know that it’s not always easy to pour the first glass out of a sizable jug. While the containers effectively hold a gallon of milk, they can be really awkward to handle, which has led many of us to lose a solid cup’s worth in the clumsy transfer. This dispenser makes pouring a glass easier than ever.


8. There are a lot of decisions to be made when you enter a dressing room with a number of potential purchases. Most of the time, we grab a lot more than we’re planning on buying, which makes it difficult to narrow down the winners. This dressing room has created separate hooks to help you sort out your apparel selection.


9. Many foodies will opt for some hot sauce to add a little kick to their meal. However, not everyone enjoys the same level of heat. This innovative hot sauce bottle allows the user to adjust the spice level to their preference. One bottle to appease a range of hot sauce lovers.

Reddit /u/ my_mexican_cousin

10. Most bridges are adorned with a sign to warn drivers of large vehicles that there are certain height requirements to pass through. However, those who misjudge the height of their vehicle really only find out after it’s too late. This sign prevents catastrophe by giving truck drivers a heads up before they actually go under.

Imgur / ThatPickleOverThere

11. Depending on the shopper, salespeople can be either beneficial or a hindrance when browsing a store. Those who know exactly what they are getting aren’t looking to be approached continually, but others might be seeking assistance. These color-coded baskets make sure there is no confusion between the customer and employee.

Reddit /u/ hand_

12. When we’re eating at home, floss or a toothpick is just a room away in times of need. However, when you’re eating on the go, it can be tedious to get food stuck in your teeth. This disposable spork comes with a built-in toothpick so you have the option to unhitch any food that didn’t make its way down.

Reddit /u/ mediumj

13. It’s a rare occurrence that the elevator is readily awaiting you when you aren’t on the ground floor. Most of the time, there’s some considerable downtime after you press the button. This building placed its elevator button at the end of the hallway so you can prompt your ride before getting to the sliding doors.


14. Parking space lines are essential to keep cars in the lot orderly and to maximize space. However, it’s not always easy to see if your car is between the painted white bars, especially if you drive a taller vehicle. This parking lot came up with the simple solution of extending the lines to the barriers ahead to ensure precise parking.

Reddit /u/ ebflaherty

15. It’s not always easy to judge whether an avocado is ripe or not. While there are a few tricks to make sure you aren’t taking a gamble at the grocery store, this establishment came up with a surefire way to know exactly what you’re getting. A simple sticker on the avocado has a color chart so you know when it’s ripe.

Reddit /u/ q0_0p

16. While we have a general idea of what we’re about to spend once we check out, most of us are not mathematicians. These shopping carts are equipped with a calculator so that you can pay for your items without any surprises. Our phones may all have calculators installed, but there’s no denying the convenience of this little cart add-on.

Reddit /u/ Afrocean

17. It’s never fun when you pack something easy to eat like yogurt only to forget a utensil. While squeezing the contents into your mouth like some sort of barbarian is never off the table, this yogurt company found a way to help all of those without a spoon. The lid folds into a makeshift utensil so you’re always ready to indulge.

Reddit /u/ OnTheMidnightTrain

18. Pedestrians get countdowns so they know how much time they have to cross the road so why should drivers be limited to three colors? These traffic lights are equipped with timers so drivers know exactly how long they have when commuting through an intersection, which is much more cautioning than an abrupt amber light.

Reddit /u/ Xited

19. Unless you have a thing for fingers and metal invading your mouth, you probably dread going to the dentist like the rest of us. It can be tedious to lie there and stare at the ceiling through the discomfort. However, this dentist found a way to distract his patients by installing a Where’s Waldo? game overhead.

Reddit /u/ mtmannion

20. Are you one of those people who are super paranoid that someone is watching you through your webcam? A lot of people have opted to cover their webcams just to be safe and this specific computer has taken that into consideration. Instead of the eyesore of tape over your webcam, this one has the option to conceal it.

Reddit /u/ Blaze24

21. If you receive above average service, chances are, you’ll want to leave a tip to commemorate that. However, it’s not always easy to tip if you don’t have any available change. This establishment came up with a brilliant idea that lets you easily leave a dollar by swiping your card.

Reddit /u/ McBloggenstein

22. Why shouldn’t adults be able to have some fun alongside their baby while at the playground? Instead of just pushing your child in a baby swing, this innovative design lets the parents join in for the ride. This swing allows you to be face to face with your child and eliminates the need to push with your arms.

Reddit /u/ Bearat

23. If you have a lot of flash drives lying around, it can be an annoying game of trial and error to find one with enough space for whatever files you need to store at the time. This flash drive lets you know exactly how full it is without having to waste time plugging it into a computer.

Reddit /u/ thefifthgiant

24. Unless you are prone to slamming your bar drinks, it probably will lose its initial chill by the time you get to the end of it. This bar came up with a brilliant way to keep your drink cold even after the ice has melted by incorporating a frosted strip.

Reddit /u/ Wolfos31


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