21 Photos Showing What Our World Has Gone Through in Its History

Sometimes it feels like the world is slowly going crazy.

#21 Tea With Lion?

Alfred Hitchcock having a cup of tea with Leo the Lion in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio.

#20 Sock Painting

Women painting their legs to make it look like they’re wearing stockings, 1942.

#19 The border issues

A fugitive being dragged by border patrol across the USA border.

#18 Tough Times

Test pilot George Aird ejects from his plane after losing control of it.

#17 Star Wars

Lunch break on the set of Star Wars.

#16 Portable TV

A portable TV prototype created in 1967.

#15 Spaghetti Competition

Women in a spaghetti-eating contest called “Macaroni.”

#14 Safety Was A Concern

A police car with a shovel to prevent casualties or injuries among pedestrians, 1920.

#13 Delivering the beer

An English brewery delivers kegs of beer to troops fighting in Normandy, June 1944.

#12 Wooden Bathing Suits

Women wearing wooden bathing suits in the 1920s.

#11 Sound Finders

Two military officers wearing “sound finders,” designed to detect the direction of approaching enemy planes.

#10 That’s Sauna Wherever You Want

Your own portable sauna.

#9 Rolling the fat out

An exercise machine used to “roll the fat” out of legs, 1936.

#8 Helmet Testing

Testing football helmets, 1912.

#7 The Dynasphere

The Dynasphere, a monowheel electric vehicle which could go up to 25 mph (40 km/h), 1932.

#6 The Temporary Bridge

Parisians found a way to keep their feet dry by walking on rows of chairs, 1924.

#5 The First McDonald

Willard Scott, the very first Ronald McDonald.

#4 Look at the size

This is a 5 MB computer hard drive which is being loaded into an aircraft, 1956.

#3 Ever Seen That?

The original Michelin man.

#2 The Driving Chaos

The day Sweden switched from left to right-side driving, 1967.

#1 The Training

Ballerinas training during the war.

Source: bloggersarena