21 Everyday Items Which Have Surprisingly Useful Purposes

In our day to day lives, we use lots of different things.

Things like pens, mugs, sticky notes, even wine bottles.

But there are lots of secret uses for these items that we often forget about or just don’t know. This often happens because we’re too use to them, we simply take them for granted.

Believe it or not but there’s almost a secret use for everything.

Here are just a few.


You may have noticed the little hole in your pan handle. This can be used for two things.

  1. To hang it up for easy storage.
  2. To rest your wooden spoon so you don’t get sauce all over your lovely clean counters.


The loop on the back of your button down shirts were actually introduced back in the 1960s. This meant the shirt could be hung up on locker pegs to avoid creasing.

But it was also used in dating. It was customary in American universities for men to snip off the loop to indicate they were in a relationship.


The indent which is commonly found on the bottom of your wine bottles are often used to control pressure during the corking process.

However, it also allows for easy pouring. Cheers to that!


The little panel found on the back of many backpacks was originally designed for hikers to attach rope cable to


The small hole at the end of most tape measures is there so you can hook it onto nails or screws to prevent the tape from slipping off.


Ever wondered why plane windows have holes in them?

Well, they’re actually there to direct and maintain pressure in the cabin.


The mini pocket in your jeans is actually there because it was originally meant to hold a person’s pocket watch. It was the perfect size for it!


Did you know hat the tab on your rear view mirror is so you can tip the angle. This is brilliant as you can prevent being temporarily blined by the car behind you if their lights are on full beam. Handy, right?


The hole found on the bottom of a padlock acts as a filter in case it’s used outside in harsh weather conditions. But it can also be used as a way to insert oil to lubricate the lock.


The hole at the end of a biro pen lid isn’t there to prevent the ink from drying out. It’s actually there in case a child accidentally swallows it. It provide an air hole so they can still breathe with the lid lodged in their throat.


The tiny hole on the back of an iPhone is actually a microphone. So you can record sound while using your front camera. Handy, right?


The little fabric swatch that comes with some new clothing is actually there so you can test out your detergent. That way you’ll know if it will damage your clothing.


If you remove the lid on your Starbucks cup and place it under the cup, it acts as a makeshift coaster.


The hole in the centre of pasta spoons are actually there to provide you with the perfect portion of pasta. But in all honesty, cooking pasta involves cooking too much pasta.


The hole on the end of many rulers has a very simple function. So you can hang it up when it’s not in use.


The blue end of the rubber actually has a special use. It can be used to erase ink, but you need thicker paper for it to work properly.


Those little holes in your Converse shoes are actually there for ventilation, meaning your feet won’t get too hot.


The bobble on the top of your beanie was originally meant to protect sailors.

The bobble would act as a buffer so sailors were less likely to hurt themselves if they bashed their heads when crouching under things.


The weird fixture you commonly find on certain power cables is called a ferrite core. The ferrite core is actually there to suppresses high frequency noise.


Most of us have all spent ages picking these little things out the lids of different bottles that we have drunk from.

But while we were doing this, we never actually realised what they were for!

These little things are actually placed in the lids to make sure our drinks don’t go flat! Without it, our drinks would go flat almost instantly!


Most of us don’t actually consider that the lid has an actual purpose.

The lid actually turns around to cover the hole in your can, which makes for the perfect straw holder!

But let’s be honest, who actually drinks with a straw when they’re drinking from a can? Not me!


Source: AuntyAcid

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