18 Awesome Inventions You Need To Know About

This is so cool to know about!

#18 No Dead Arm Cuddle Mattress

The ingenious Cuddle Mattress that lets you get close to your partner in bed without getting a dead arm.

#17 Portable Keyboard for your Smartphone

The best folding Bluetooth keyboards make your tablet or smartphone more productive.

#16 Purpose Made Nutella Knife

This is a specially shaped knife for cleaning out Nutella jars entirely….

#15 Plug Sockets on your Bed Legs

This is a cool idea! Holds your camera, phone, or tablet in almost any position.

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#14 Weight-measuring chopping board

An integrated cutting board with weight scales.

#13 Light in your Pocket

Is that a light bulb in your pocket? Yes, it is!

#12 Edge Painting Tool

This is the best way to paint edges.

#11 Pot for Pasta

This pot will help you drain pasta with an ease.

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#10 All Ears Open Pillow

A comfortable all-sound-catch cubic pillow.

#9 Light changing Shower Head

LED Light Shower Head changes colour as the water temperature changes.

#8 Fanny Pack for Your Dog

The Dog Fanny Pack is an ultimate way to carry your pups below your gut.

#7 Waterproof Touchscreen Keyboard

2 in 1 Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Removable Keyboard is very easy to detach off and install. A must have product!

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#6 Flip Flop Beer Holder

Flip-Flop style beer bottle holders. It looks so creative…

#5 The Never-Get-Out-Of-Bed Table

Never get out of your bed with this amazing table.

#4 Long Distance Relationship Light Pillows

This pillow lights up when the other person is sleeping on theirs and keep couples closer virtually.

#3 Gel Refrigerator

This robotic refrigerator will keep your food cool in the year 2050.

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#2 360-Degree Dog Washer

Washing your dog will become easy with this Woof Washer.

#1 Nutella Jar Lock

This Nutella jar lock ensures your precious Nutella remains safe from greedy hands.