16 Photos Of Huge Fails

We have seen plenty of things which have failed without a trace in life but these examples are certianly something we cant fathom.

The Poster Guy

The guy who did this clearly needs an anatomy class!

Just had one job

And you screw it this brilliantly! WOW!

The Wheels

You can’t just make things up like that!

What’s STPO

Learn the spellings!

Fortune Cookies

But you didn’t do your job too well!

Bad day today

Things are not always the same as they look

Enough is enough

You got to have an idea!

Green beans with Cheerios?

They look hideous!

Corn onions

What’s with these onions!

Quite Scary

The guy who made this should not be allowed to cook!

No words to describe

Now what can one say about them

You just did that

WHAT? You Screwed The Easiest Thing?You can’t cook pasta? You should just leave the green planet!

Bananas all over

We cant stop laughing

Green Apple

Oh, yes, and there are yellow too!

Windows right

Wait did we just see that

Such fails

We hesitate to call anyone’s children fails, but when you have more than we can count then we are going to call the ones on the second window fails.


Source: bloggersarena