15 Easy DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home A Little More Beautiful And Lavish


#15 Attach Framed Mirrors on Closet

You can attach beautiful framed mirrors on the closet to give your bedroom a lavish look!

#14 Basket-Weaving The Drapes

It looks really exotic in the living room! Will surely add a rich look to the room

#13 Hiding the messed up wires

Let your guests wonder where’d the wires go!

#12 The Shower Curtains

Spruce up the shower curtains to give the changing room a cozy look!

#11 The Taped Up Fridge

Decorate the fridge using these kinds of washi tapes or spray paints!

#10 Frame The TV

OMG, it looks so beautiful!!

#9 Accent Ceilings

Accent ceilings work as the new accent walls! Looks so impressive!

#8 Transform the vinyl floors

You can easily paint your vinyl flooring to make it look like a sober flooring!

#7 Using Tab Curtains

Use tab curtains to hide unorganised rack storage!

#6 The Curtain Lock

Adding a simple hardware as a curtain lock will give the entire room a posh look!

#5 Decorate The Window

There will be at least one window that would not require the curtain, so use brackets to decorate that window thereby adding an exotic look!

#4 Placing The Rug

Know where you should place the rug, it is really important!

#3 Garage Doors

Paint the false windows on the garage doors to make it look more exotic!

#2 Cake Stands For Sinks

Use cake stands for the sink needs!

#1 For Thick Baseboards

Just add a strip of trim wood, a bit above the already existing baseboards, now paint them according to the colour and it is how you can get a faux thick baseboard!

Source: bloggersarena