12 Bathroom Inventions You Didn’t Realize You Needed


#10 The Toilet Seat Lifter

Guys, you seriously need it! Because it is too difficult for you to remember the simple step which is PUT IT DOWN!

#9 The Kitty Washroom

Oh, it will be amazing!

#8 The Color That Tells You The Temperature!

Well, you will be able to know the temperature before it’s too late!

#7 The Standing Blow Dryer

That’s like the best thing that can happen!

#6 Heated Towel Rack

WOW! Why I never thought of this!

#5 Shaving Pedastal

This one is badly needed!

#4 Windshield Wiper

Just too awesome!

#3 The Living Mat

This eco-friendly rug will delight you in every possible way!

#2 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I am never getting out of my bathroom now!

#1 Magnetic Soap Holder

No messy soapiness all around!