10 Designers With Good Imagination Turned Ordinary Things Into A Masterpiece

These designers have such marvelous imagination that they can turn anything into a masterpiece. Well, who does that making a book into a lamp and parking thing for your bike and even a ladder that looks so unique that you feel like walking into some extraordinary thing as we look inside we should appreciate these designers who made such extravagant thing which is a treat to our eyes.

A personal boundary

We all like to have tents customised for us wherein we could so happily and peacefully live without anyone getting anywhere close to us and at times it helps us in defining boundaries as well

Interested in gardening?

Gardening is something which gives one peace, a tranquility which cannot be described in words so it is only fitting that we understand even the spoon and fork have been designed as a gardening tool

At times they look like musical notes themselves

An earphone definitely enhances the pleasure of hearing to a motion picture or songs for that matter but to see them get packaged in this manner is something quite funny right ala musical notes.

We want more like them

We visit cinemas to get a first hand experience of the world which we so deeply love and care about so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a movie hall decided to have popcorn can designed with all movie posters.

When even the tiles have some meaning

If you happen to visit certain iconic places there is so much one can take away from there case in point being the museum in US. The floor tiles over there is definitely the best indicator that you’re at the US Postal Museum.

Engagement ring

How wonderful and awesome it is to know that the one you are getting engaged to has so many different plans lined up as part of the big day nothing better than this engagement ring box which resembles a camera aperture/lens.

When you are in love with your design

It doesn’t come as a surprise that many of us fall in love with the things we do so to say that Renault went a bit too far in designing its headlights in line with its logo would be an exaggeration.

Stairs really?

This one looks so close to a guitar or is it just us who have mistaken the stairs to be something else completely, kudos to the designers though.

Bike shed

Is it asking too much if someone wants to rest after a day’s work and the way he has designed a bike shed for himself is pretty noteworthy.

Well designed cans

In a shopping mart while you are busy what to buy and what else to buy you are spoilt for choices but not here we guess since they have been so perfectly designed to stand apart in a crowd.


Source: bloggersarena