10 Best Fridge Organization Ideas That Will Save Your Sanity

If you’re in need of amazing hacks that will get your fridge organized in no time, then you’re in luck. It’s quite common for a fridge to become messy with all the fruits, vegetables and food. Before you know, everything just looks terrible and finding ingredients becomes super hard and time-consuming.

Though, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to create a legit and proper system that will ensure that your fridge stays neat and clean. In this post, you’ll find reasonable and actionable tips that will show you exactly how to organize, create more space and a few cheap and easy diys that actually works. Let’s get sorting, shall we?

1.  DIY Magnetic Storage Bins

Tutorial via tatertotsandjello

This is a pretty straightforward DIY project that entails adding a magnetic strip to the under of an ordinary container. You can store small things like nuts and stick them on the side of the fridge.

2. DIY Egg Carton

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If your family loves sauce and mayo and you find yourself dealing with many bottles daily, simply make use of an egg carton to hold the containers upside down. This way you’ll create space in your fridge for other products.

3. Printable Labels

Tutorial via cleanandscentsible

This is a pretty epic way to know what goes where and find things quickly. The great thing about these printables is that they’re free! Do try them out. You’ll definitely start noticing a difference when you see how organized everything is.

4. Keep Shelves Clean

Tutorial via amandathevirtuouswife

With leftover foods and spills, the fridge is bound to get dirty real quick. All you have to do to ensure that the mess stays contained is by lining the shelf with cling or plastic wrap.

5. Eat Me First! Box

Tutorial via clossette

If there’s food that’s almost finished or expiring soon, just shove them in this box and you’ll never waste food again!

6. The Bottle Hack

Tutorial via homehacks

Bottles can take up quite a bit of space and they tend to add to the mess. This hack suggests stacking them in a pyramid shape and using binder clips to keep the structure in place so that it will never topple over.

7. The Lazy Susan

Tutorial via hometalk

It’s recommended to invest in a lazy susan and store your most used products. You’ll never have to go digging to find a certain jar since you can just swirl it around. Really convenient!

8. Snack Station Bins

Tutorial via listotic

This is especially great for kids. You can keep all the small snacks things in one place though it may require some time to properly arrange and ziploc everything. Though, definitely worth the effort.

9. Use Available Space

Tutorial via goodhousekeeping

Make use of the fridge’s ceiling by hanging bottles with a (strong) magnetic strip.

10. Seasonal Cooking and Produce Storage Tips

Tutorial via theintentionalminimalist

If the above tips didn’t cut it for you, then start from the beginning. This post has a TON of amazing tips that show you how to get everything organized in a system, keep your food fresh for longer and the true power of clear glass containers.


Source : craftsonfire.com

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